Building great campaigns
Elections victories that start fifteen points down and advocacy efforts that secure hundreds of millions in support don’t happen overnight.  They start with talented people who get it.  With nearly two decades of experience on some of the most challenging programs, we have a pretty good sense of where we would like to take your effort.  Working closely with you, we’ll fill in the gaps, tailor things to meet your unique needs and build the most effective campaign possible.

Creating messages that work
People want to know about issues that matter to them, but they’re saturated with information and the struggles of their daily lives. We get it and develop our messages (and other things) to reach them in the most effective ways possible.  It’s not about being cute or even heavy handed. It’s about laying out the options and compelling people to stand with us.  We’ll bring our experience to your team and make sure your valuable resources are being spent on messages that are going to matter.

Traditional & Online Paid Media
People get their information from a variety of platforms and in a variety of ways. There’s no single way to reach them and that’s a good thing. We work with award-winning television/radio production and media buying professionals to deliver the most effective media.  And our work doesn’t end with television, radio.  We’ll take your message online with pre-roll video (online commercials), strategic social networking and direct online advertising. Our work is highly targeted.  We do a lot of it in-house and when we need advanced online buying, like delivering a specific ad directly to a specific voter, we’ll bring in our national online buying team to develop a buy that maximizes the impacts of your ads.

Public Relations
Not all PR is good PR.  Bad media coverage can derail or even destroy your effort.  Nobody wants that.  We will help guide you through any problems and plan for those that may come up.  We’re even happy to act as spokesperson if needed.  PR done well can fuel your effort.  We’ll work with you to develop a PR plan that makes sure the facts get out.

Live, Automated and Tele-Town Hall Phone Solutions
Direct mail is great.  So are phones.  Don’t worry, we avoid calling people around dinner and we shut everything down before it gets too late. Used properly, phones are one of the most powerful tools to interact with voters and compel them to act.  We know how to turn custom telephone strategies into tens of thousands of calls to elected officials, delivering hundreds of thousands of votes and even supporting basic grassroots activities.  We also love to run Tele-town hall events that give you an unprecedented opportunity to speak and interact with a huge audience in an environment that makes sure everyone’s voice is heard.  Even in the smallest communities it’s not uncommon to have nearly a thousand voters participate in an event – an opportunity like no other to reach, communicate and interact directly with an unlimited audience.

Print Production & Direct Mail
Even with all of the advances in online marketing and social media, direct mail is still one of the most effective tools to ensure you reach the people who will make the difference.  When people see your piece you may only have 5 to 10 seconds of their attention, but for that moment a well designed, visual piece can convey and reinforce all the information you need.  We know it’s not cheap, so we target the heck out of our mailings and only work with the most seasoned graphic designers, printers and mail houses to make sure that your mailings deliver your message at the right time and in the right way.

Let’s talk about your solution.