First-Ever PoliticalTV and Political AdBuilder Expand Access to Cable Advertising

COLUMBUS, OH — As part of a joint effort to expand access to cable advertising, top Ohio political consultants, WrightPath Solutions and NCC Media (the national advertising company owned by and affiliated with all of America’s leading cable, satellite and telco operators) launched complementary online services today that put the power of television advertising directly in the hands of campaigns.

WrightPath’s new helps campaigns create high-end professional television spots a fraction of the cost of regular commercials then plugs campaigns directly into  NCC Media’s new cutting-edge PoliticalTV tool that allows them to target and place ads 24/7.

“It’s an unprecedented edge,” explained WrightPath President Brian Wright.  “Never before has rapid response and media planning been so simple.  Campaign managers and even candidates can now custom craft the right-size spot and buy to fit their needs.”

NCC Director of Political Strategy, Tim Kay shared the excitement stating, “It’s a game changer. Candidates are always looking for the edge, and NCC is giving them an easy-to-use platform that will help them keep up with the fast moving realities of today’s political campaigns.”

With NCC PoliticalTV, local campaigns of any size, in any race, can quickly set up an account, access advanced voter targeting tools, choose programming across multiple cable networks in each critical geographic area, and schedule their media buy.

To start building your ad today, visit then craft your winning buy at

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